Nothing Is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful.

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With the new single Good Day (feat. Social Club Misfits)
Mono Physical Stereo Digital
Releasing Agent: Residence Music

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Good Day [feat. Social Club Misfits] (Lyric Video)

(feat. Social Club Misfits)

Out of Body

The debut album

  1. Drive
    Duration: 4:03
  2. On the Way Up 2.0
    Duration: 3:16
  3. Gold
    Duration: 3:23
  4. Man That I Used To Know
    Duration: 3:43
  5. Misfits
    Duration: 3:14
  6. DNA
    Duration: 3:47
  7. One in a Million
    Duration: 3:34
  8. Heaven
    Duration: 3:46
  9. Always You
    Duration: 3:45
  10. Supernatural
    Duration: 3:31
  11. Tired of LA
    Duration: 3:42
  12. Walk
    Duration: 4:00
  13. Heaven (All Around You)
    Duration: 3:39